Technical Support

Technical Support


Technical support usually has a fairly broad definition, but in this context the term refers to 24/7 round the clock monitoring of your company’s IT infrastructure. This includes being vigilant against threats such as viruses and malware, but also refers to the responsibility for ensuring all of your devices are constantly updated and maintained as required.

Should there be an emergency technical issue, a technical IT support team will be ready and immediately available to take action to remedy the situation. Indeed, any good support team will also take the time to familiarise themselves with your existing IT hardware setup and software, so that they can effectively plan an emergency course of action should the need arise.

BRIN offers technical support on a wide range of products and equipment both comprehensive and on- demand support programs. Some of the areas we excel in are:

Tier I Technical Support
Tier I technical support is the initial support level handling basic customer issues. The first step is to gather information, evaluate the symptoms and determine a solution.
Tier II Technical Support
Tier II technical support agents are generally more knowledgeable and experienced on a specific product or service. These agents handle escalated calls from the Tier I agents. They review what attempts have already been completed to help find the correct solution.
Tier III Technical Support
Tier III technical support is generally the highest level of support before escalations moves to the hardware or software vendor. Tier III technical support agents are experts on the product/service and handle advanced issues.
Help Desk Support
Help desk support can be offered via telephone, email, or your website. A help desk provides internal users a place to call with their issues.
Knowledge Base Support
Technical support agents handle the issues which may arise with your product or service. Who better to manage a knowledge base than the team who sees the issues or problems with repetitive calls?